Wool in Craft: Wool Quilling

Wool quilling brings together the rich tradition of quilling with the warmth and versatility of wool. This unique artistic expression has evolved over time, capturing the attention of craft enthusiasts worldwide. In popular parlance, the items made using this technique are sometimes called “wool quillies.”

The origin of quilling goes back millennia. Early examples that still exist are made with wire, though paper quilling may have also existed since the invention of paper in China. No truly ancient examples of paper quilling exist.

What is known for sure is that during the Renaissance period, French and Italian nuns used thin strips of gilded paper torn from books to decorate religious artifacts. Over the centuries, quilling transformed from a religious art form to a popular pastime, with enthusiasts creating delicate designs using paper strips.

The marriage of quilling with wool brings a contemporary twist to this historical craft. The softness and texture of wool fibers provide a new dimension to the traditional paper quilling, allowing for more intricate and tactile creations.

Wool quilling has gained popularity in recent years, fueled by a growing interest in unique and sustainable crafting methods. The technique involves rolling and shaping thin strips of wool to create intricate designs, similar to traditional quilling but with a distinctive tactile quality.

Crafters often experiment with different types of wool, exploring the possibilities offered by various textures and colors. Wool quilling projects range from small decorative items like greeting cards and framed art to larger-scale pieces such as wall hangings and sculptural elements.

The development of wool quilling has been facilitated by the online crafting community, where artists share their creations, techniques, and inspiration. Social media platforms and crafting forums have become hubs for enthusiasts to connect, exchange ideas, and showcase their wool quilling masterpieces.

This beautiful wool heart was created by Denise Davis @sassafrashillprimitives.

Wool quilling, with its roots in the historical art of quilling, has evolved into a captivating and contemporary craft. Artists around the world continue to push the boundaries of this medium, exploring the endless possibilities that wool brings to quilling. As more enthusiasts embrace this unique form of artistic expression, the world of wool quilling promises to inspire creativity and innovation in the realm of crafting.

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