The Woolen Home: The Nursery

Welcoming a new addition to the family is a joyous occasion, and designing a nursery filled with warmth and comfort is a delightful part of the preparation. Today, we explore the magic of incorporating wool items into your baby’s nursery, highlighting the benefits and creative ways to create a cozy haven for your little one.

As the nursery is where the baby sleeps, the most obvious places to incorporate wool in your nursery design involves their bedding. Wool’s moisture-wicking properties help regulate your baby’s body temperature, ensuring a cozy and dry sleep environment. Thin wool blankets provide natural insulation, keeping your little one comfortably warm without overheating. Seek out or make blankets using wool from fine-micron wool, such as merino, Rambouillet, or Shetland.

Additionally, a wool layer under the crib sheet will act as a mattress protector and offer natural breathability and moisture-wicking, promoting a healthy sleep environment. Plus, wool’s resistance to dust mites and allergens adds an extra layer of protection for your baby’s skin and developing lungs.

In addition to creating a comfortable sleep environment, wool can help control the sound levels in a baby room. Wool rugs and wall decor act as acoustic panels and help absorb sound. The goal is not to create a sound proof room, but a strategically placed wall hanging can help minimize the amount of noise transfer from other rooms or traffic noise from outside the house. Wool is so long lasting that when choosing a rug or room decor for a nursery, we recommend choosing something that will remain suitable for the child as they grow. A wool rug is so resilient and long wearing that they may pack it along for their dorm room 18 years later.

Stuffed animals with wool exteriors or stuffed with wool are made with a naturally hypoallergenic material and are a natural alternative to synthetic materials. They are a safe, huggable toy for your baby to grow up with. Consider making your own by creating felted fabric from upcycled wool sweaters. Or knit or crochet wooly friends for your baby.

Incorporating wool items into your baby’s nursery goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating a nurturing and healthy environment for your little one. From cozy blankets to whimsical decor, the versatility and natural properties of wool contribute to a nursery that is not only stylish but also conducive to your baby’s well-being. Embrace the warmth of wool as you design a haven where your baby can grow, play, and dream in comfort.

It’s still a common practice in some areas of the world for a baby to be given a sheep’s skin at birth. As the child grows, the purpose of the item shifts from a warm place to sleep to a play mat to a lovey.