The Woolen Home: The Nursery

Today, we explore the magic of incorporating wool items into your baby’s nursery, highlighting the benefits and creative ways to create a cozy haven for your little one.

Alexandra Kehayoglou: Textile Artist

In the world of textile artistry, few capture the essence of nature’s beauty and the tactile allure of wool as magnificently as Alexandra Kehayoglou.

The Woolen Home: Carpeting

Many of us already know about wool carpets, whether they are loom woven or hand-tied, a wool rug can add a splash of color to nearly any room. But there are many reasons why you might want to carpet a room with wool.

Isting: the wool felt rugs of Ingushetiya

Preserving heritage wool crafts is about more than just saving a way to ornament our homes.  While there are fiber crafts that live more in the realm of the decorative than the practical, creating clothing, curtains, rugs, and other household items has an impact on how much fuel we need, and the amount of work […]