Stephanie Metz: Textile Artist

Contemporary fiber artist Stephanie Metz’s work with wool transcends the boundaries of traditional craft, ushering viewers into a world where materiality takes on new dimensions.

Wool in Craft: Wool Quilling

Wool quilling brings together the rich tradition of quilling with the warmth and versatility of wool. This unique artistic expression has evolved over time, capturing the attention of craft enthusiasts worldwide. In popular parlance, the items made using this technique are sometimes called “wool quillies.”

Janice Arnold: Felt Artist

Recently, Smithsonian Magazine featured the work of Janice Arnold in “The Deep Cultural Significance of the Art of Felt” by Susan Brown.

Isting: the wool felt rugs of Ingushetiya

Preserving heritage wool crafts is about more than just saving a way to ornament our homes.  While there are fiber crafts that live more in the realm of the decorative than the practical, creating clothing, curtains, rugs, and other household items has an impact on how much fuel we need, and the amount of work […]