Wooly Travels: New Lanark

New Lanark was built in the late 18th century by David Dale, who build a cotton mill and housing for the workers needed to run it.

The Woolen Home: Carpeting

Many of us already know about wool carpets, whether they are loom woven or hand-tied, a wool rug can add a splash of color to nearly any room. But there are many reasons why you might want to carpet a room with wool.

An Island Sheep Farmer: Morning Musings

It’s 7am and we are fast approaching the end of October. My menfolk have just bundled out of the door, laden with packed lunches and hot flasks. I quickly shut the door as the sun is yet to rise and although Venus, the morning star, shines bright above the trees, it is cold. Bitterly cold.  […]

The Amazing Benefits of Wool

An informative project in collaboration with local illustrator Julie Dennison Hi, I’m Terri, a knitwear designer under the name Terri Laura, but I’m also a Shetlander who grew up on a family croft. Then I got married and moved 30 minutes further north on a croft with a family of my own. Wool in its […]

Preserving a Heritage Craft: The ShetlandPeerieMakkers

Do you remember who taught you to knit? It’s an interesting question, many of us remember an older relative constantly knitting in our youth and at some point, we must have shown an interest and been taught how to form knits and purls. Shetland has a long tradition of knitting, mostly for trade as the […]