Book Excerpt: Raw Material: Working Wool in the West, by Stephany Wilkes

Raw Material: Working Wool in the West takes readers through the state of American wool as we follow author Stephany Wilkes through the process of becoming a certified sheep shearer. Along the way, we meet people along the wool supply chain and learn about the challenges faced by wool growers and processors. Alternating between humor, […]

My Wisconsin Wool Adventure

Have you ever wandered into a yarn store and asked for “something local”? How local is “local” for you? Is it yarn that was handdyed by a yarn dyer that lives in the area? Perhaps it’s yarn spun by mills in the state that was sourced from a multi-state wool pool? Or do you hunt […]

Family Fiber Farming: Raising Sheep and Children

I’ve had a fascination with farm life from a young age. As soon as I could get my hands on a tiny square of land, I was gardening. I adored James Herriot books and the idea of country life. Yet I grew up living in some of the largest cities in the world. My husband […]