Sheila Hicks: Textile Artist

Born in 1934, Sheila Hicks‘ prolific career spans over half a century, marked by an insatiable passion for exploring the artistic potential of fiber, thread, and textile.

Hicks’ artistic journey began with formal training in the United States, studying at the Yale School of Art and Architecture, where she was introduced to the world of textile design and techniques. Her explorations led her across continents, eventually setting down roots as a part of the vibrant art scene of Paris.

At the heart of Hicks’ work lies a profound reverence for the materials she employs, including our beloved wool. She elevates the ordinary, transforming fibers and threads into monumental installations, intricate weavings, and tactile sculptures that challenge the conventional boundaries of art. Her pieces radiate energy and vibrancy, engaging viewers with a sensory experience that goes beyond the visual.

Hicks introduces us to herself and her work in this less than 7 minute video produced by The Museum of Modern Art. There is more to be found on YouTube–interviews, retrospectives, exploration of her work, etc.

Please, enjoy.

The exhibition “Sheila Hicks: Infinite Potential” is currently on view at the Alison Jacques Gallery in London, UK, until November 18, 2023. To learn more about Hicks’ exhibits, visit her website.