Posting Prompts for Love Wovember 2022

Love Wovember Prompts. 1. Gather 2. Sheep 3. Breed 4. Herd 5. Lamb 6. Guard 7. Shear 8. Heritage 9. Community 10. Nourish 11. Delicate 12. Robust 13. Natural 14. Protect 15. Staple16. Spin 17. Yarn 18. Color 19. Craft 20. Ornament 21. Luxury 22. Practical 23. Fabric 24. Home 25. Body 26. Hands 27. Head 28. Authentic 29. Time 30. Wonder

The prompts are now live on Instagram for Love Wovember! Each day of November, make a post to your Instagram feed using the daily prompt as a guide. Use the hashtags #LoveWovember and #Wovember within your post or at the end of the post’s text so that we can find your posts for eligibility to win a Love Wovember prize.

Eagle-eyed participants may notice a few changes to this image compared to the one originally posted on Thursday. First, I realized I needed to use a clearer font than the one I originally used. It looked lovely in my graphics program, but is not as clear on Instagram. Also, on Friday a new team at Wovember announced that they are restarting the original Wovember blog and will be running an Instagram posting event with their own prompts. To prevent confusion, I’ve retitled the images for this event. 

I am thrilled to know that the original Wovember site is being resurrected! It’s a fantastic resource, and I encourage you all to check it out if you haven’t already! 

You are welcome to celebrate Wovember however you wish! You can post using the Love Wovember posts or the posts provided by the folks at, or participate in both! The more the merrier when it comes to celebrating the wonderful qualities of wool and ensuring that words related to wool are applied to actual wool fiber and not petrochemical-based imitations.

Yesterday was the deadline for content creators to make their contributions for the Wovember celebrations here on! I’m thrilled to be bringing you the insights and experiences of wool growers, processors, and makers through the month of November!  

Yesterday was also the deadline for those who wanted to contribute toward the Love Wovember prizes, and later today, I’ll be posting exactly what those prizes are and how to qualify for them, so make sure you watch this space, or follow @IThoughtIKnewHow on Instagram to find them there!

For now, I must crack on with Wovember preparations! 

Warm wishes,