Love Wovember Prizes

Your participation in Wovember is crucial! If the event was just about you coming to the website daily to read about wool and comment here, then our scope would be so limited! I mean, let’s face it, most of the people who hear about Wovember are people who are already using wool, or who are at least wool curious. 

But, taking part in the Instagram posting challenge exposes your friends, family, and followers to wool as well. We want to encourage people to use wool yarns in their crafting, yes. But we’d also love to hear about people opting to install wool carpets because they learned from their knitting friend that wool carpets can last decades longer than synthetic counterparts. Or that someone updated their bedding to a wool duvet because their friend who crochets posted something about how they help you regulate your temperature while you sleep, and they are sick of waking up sweating under their polyfil duvet.

So, please be sure to hop over to Instagram and check out the Love Wovember prompts. To encourage you along the way, we have some prizes on offer. A heaping handful of wool growers, producers, dyers, and makers have stepped forward offer prizes to encourage you to take an active role in educating others about wool this November as we celebrate Wovember together! 

First, a prize will be awarded to one person who posts for all thirty of the prompts during the month of November!⁣

The prize is a 4 oz, locally hand-dyed Corriedale roving braid from Rabbit Row Yarns; a lovely drop spindle from Fiberculture; a Wonderland Yarns Sushi Scarf Kit from Knit New Haven; and two hanks of super bulky hand-spun wool by Alpaqaytu of Peru, a ball of Kraemer Mauch Chunky, and three hanks of worsted weight Vermont Wool by Squirrel Mountain Fiber Arts from LoveWovember.⁣

To qualify, make a post to your Instagram account using the daily prompts as your guide.⁣

Use the hashtags #LoveWovember and #Wovember so we see your post!⁣

Please don’t get ahead of the prompts, but if you fall behind, you can make separate posts to get caught up. ⁣

The second prize will be awarded to an exceptional original photograph in a prompt post. ⁣

The prize is made up of 100gr hank of hand dyed Settlement Sock from Bobolink Yarns; three 50gr skeins of vintage 40 4-ply Shetland and Bluefaced Leicester blend yarn from Wool Decanted; a 100 gr hank of Space Cadet Fingering merino and an Erin Lane project bag from Purl Together; and 2 notecards depicting scenes from Shetland by Mike Finney of Red Houss Shetland, a BiddyKnits sock kit, a merino roving “pig tail” by Greenwood Fiberworks, and a Peruvian spindle from LoveWovember.⁣

To qualify, create at least one post using the Love Wovember post prompts during the month of November using your own original photography.


Use the hashtags #LoveWovember and #Wovember in your posts so we are sure to see them. 


A third prize will be awarded based on the writing in one of the posts. It may be something that strikes us as particularly poignant, or funny, or informative. ⁣

The prize is made up of a 100gr of handdyed Northern Wool Levity Laceweight from Bobolink Yarns; a 4 oz skein of sport weight, Tunis lamb’s wool yarn from Red Rope Farma dye kit from Fiberculturea knitting shawl kit with a Dorset Button brooch kit using a wool mix of Poll Dorset and Hebridean yarns from TJFrogand a hank of sock yarn from Gecko Yarns and 2 hanks of Die Spindel hand dyed and locally spun Austrian wool from LoveWovember.⁣

To qualify, make a post to your instagram account using the daily prompts as your guide. 

For this prize, posts must be comprised entirely of your own writing–no quotes from other sources. ⁣

Use the hashtags #LoveWovember and #Wovember so we see your post!⁣

Please don’t get ahead of the prompts, but if you fall behind, you can make separate posts to get caught up. ⁣

Our final prize for Love Wovember will be for wearing wool in Wovember. 

This prize is sponsored by wool&. You may have heard of wool&’s 100-Day and 30-Day dress challenges. For Wovember, wool& will be rewarding one participant who wears 𝘢𝘯𝘺 wool item and posts about it to their own Instagram feed. 

The prize is a free wool& dress in the form of a $138 gift certificate to the wool& online shop. If the winner is from outside the USA, they can decide whether they want the gift certificate from the US or European stores. 

To qualify, make an Instagram post of yourself wearing something made from wool from November 1 – 30, 2022, and use the hashtags #wearwool and #lovewovember so we see you!
You can make one entry per day. If you miss a day, there’s no making it up. Just wear wool the next day and make your post!
Each day you wear wool and post about it, you will receive one entry into the drawing for the gift certificate.
The winner will be chosen at random from the list of entries.

To qualify for any of the prizes above, you have to make your posts by December 1, 2022, at 9 am eastern time. 

Please make sure you are following @IThoughtIKnewHow on Instagram. We will be contacting the winners through Instagram Direct Messaging, and if you have a private account and are not following the event host, then we can’t contact you to get your information. 

The prizes are open to anyone aged 18 or older who has an Instagram account so they can participate. 

The prizes will be mailed directly to the winners by the prize donors who have all agreed to mail the prizes to the winners, no matter where they live in the world. We want people talking about, thinking about, and wearing wool everywhere!

Many thanks to everyone who provided a prize to our Love Wovember participants! You are already doing incredible work providing us with wool products!