Listen Up: “Wearing Hair” from Articles of Interest

It’s the first Saturday of Wovember, which means many of us are going to be anxiously engaged with household errands and chores and running small people from this place to that. Or maybe you’re one of the lucky ones who gets to put their feet up on a Saturday.

Either way, I personally find Saturdays to be a perfect day to get caught up on my podcasts. One episode I listened to recently was of special interest. Avery Trufelman of the Articles of Interest podcast took on the question of whether we should be using human hair to make human clothes. As part of the discussion, she had Clara Parkes on to talk about wool. (I mean, we’ve already been wearing hair for ages… just not our own… Or have we?)

In general, the podcast takes on issues relating to fashion and clothing, and wool comes up from time to time. This one was a thoroughly fascinating episode of a really great podcast. Have a listen, and if you enjoy the episode, give them a follow in the podcast app you prefer.