Listen Up: The Yarn Podcast

It’s a Wovember Saturday, so it’s another day to recommend something woolly for your listening pleasure.

This week, we’d like to spotlight a podcast by Australian Wool Innovation Ltd called The Yarn. This is not the craft-focused woolly podcast you might be used to. The Yarn takes on industry issues (mainly in Australia, but also world-wide issues) and the science of wool. It’s incredibly informative and is a way to get a bigger understanding about how wool is grown, processed, and used in large scale ways.

Most episodes are interviews with industry insiders and scientists and last twenty-ish minutes or less. If you are a “binger,” start at the beginning and work your way forward, taking your time to take in the information. But most “normal” listeners will do ok to just download the last few episodes and then listen to new ones as they are released.

The Yarn is a partnership between AWI and Woolmark. You can listen at the Woolmark website, or search for The Yarn anywhere you grab your audio podcasts.