Listen Up: I Thought I Knew How Podcast

When I started my podcast in 2019, I didn’t realize what I was doing to myself.

My intention was to podcast about my journey through the Master Hand Knitter Program. The focus was supposed to be on knitting. It was not long before I started to see all the branches in the road ahead of me, though, and it didn’t take much to get me to start seeing where those branches led.

The MHK program is all but abandoned at this point. But in it’s place, I’ve been taking deep dives into different fibers, exploring the histories of heritage crafts, trying to suss out how to best support those preserving traditional craft, speaking to guilds, traveling to different countries to learn more about their textiles and wool, and making connections between people I’ve met along the way so that they can hopefully benefit from knowing one another.

Not only do I have a healthy stash of yarn and all the equipment to use it, but I have two spinning wheels, a peg loom, a table loom, and who knows what else lurking in the corners of my office/craft room.

It’s safe to say that wool has become my main focus, rather than knitting. The Venn diagram of the two interests heavily overlap each other. And as I go about my life, I share what I learn with my listeners.

If you’d like, you’d be welcome to listen along. Episode 36: Wonderful Wool is where I really embrace my wool obsession, but I talk about it a lot in the shows before and after. If you enjoy that episode, I’d love it if you followed the show wherever you choose to listen to podcasts.

Happy Wovember!