Listen Up: Fabric: The Hidden History of the Material World

This week, rather than treating my ears to wooly podcasts which might be a little too niche for the setting I’ll find myself in (many hours of driving in the car with my non-knitting husband), I’m turning instead to an audiobook with a focus on something a little more broad: cloth.

(I wrote that and read it 4 times while editing without noticing the inadvertent pun…)

Fabric: The Hidden History of the Material World, by Victoria Finlay, follows the author as she learns about the processing of various fibers and fabrics. It’s not solely about wool, though naturally wool is well represented in its pages.

We follow Finlay across the globe as she pursues her curiosity about the history of textiles, and are treated to information about some forms of cloth that rarely get covered for western audiences.

Part informational, part memoir, Finlay intertwines her travels, her research, and her life through pages of the book.

I’m shamed to admit that I picked up the book in audio form when it was released and never actually listened to it. That changes today. If you’d like to listen along with me, you can find the audio book on Amazon by following this link.

(It is an affiliate link, so I’ll receive a small percentage of your purchase at no additional charge to you for sending you to the site, which will go to defraying the costs of running the LoveWovember website. But you are also welcome to pick up a hardcopy or audiobook from a local library or favored bookstore. )