Funday Friday: Sheep Memes

Every Friday of Wovember, we’ll be sharing a fresh batch of memes. This week, we’re turning our attention to sheep, the originators of the fleece! We hope they tickle your funny bone!

A black dog is dressed in a white sheep costume with the caption, "Trying to fit in with the cool kids in the pasture."
Lambs eat grass while looking at the camera with the caption, "Sheepish Confession: We at all the snacks."
A cluster of 6 lambs of differing breeds look at the camera with the caption, "When the whole squad's on point."
A lamb sleeps in the middle of a pasture surrounded by other sheep with the caption, "Lambkins learned at a young age not to count her friends."
A flock of sheep fill the image with three facing the camera. The caption reads, "The ultimate am-baa-ssadors of wool."