You: Textile Artist

As we’ve celebrated Wovember this year and spotlighted incredible artists harnessing the possibilities of wool, it’s a gentle reminder that you, too, are an artist with the power to choose your canvas.

Shoddy: Giving Wool a Second Life

Whether or not shoddy, or recycled wool, is the right choice is something everyone needs to consider for themselves. Like all wool, some applications are better than others. But knowing about shoddy allows us to make informed decisions.

The Woolen Home: The Nursery

Today, we explore the magic of incorporating wool items into your baby’s nursery, highlighting the benefits and creative ways to create a cozy haven for your little one.

Elena Solier of Xolla Wool

In this interview by Teresa Cabellos, Elena Solier tells us about her yarn, Xolla Wool, and the Ripollesa breed.

Stephanie Metz: Textile Artist

Contemporary fiber artist Stephanie Metz’s work with wool transcends the boundaries of traditional craft, ushering viewers into a world where materiality takes on new dimensions.

Wool in Craft: Wool Quilling

Wool quilling brings together the rich tradition of quilling with the warmth and versatility of wool. This unique artistic expression has evolved over time, capturing the attention of craft enthusiasts worldwide. In popular parlance, the items made using this technique are sometimes called “wool quillies.”

The Woolen Home: Upcycling

Lots of Wovemberists know that wool can go into the compost at the end of its life, but why not give it a second reincarnation as a usable item before sending it to become fertilizer?

Alexandra Kehayoglou: Textile Artist

In the world of textile artistry, few capture the essence of nature’s beauty and the tactile allure of wool as magnificently as Alexandra Kehayoglou.