Listen Up: I Thought I Knew How Podcast

My intention was to podcast about my journey through the Master Hand Knitter Program. The focus was supposed to be on knitting. It was not long before I started to see all the branches in the road ahead of me, though, and it didn’t take much to get me to start seeing where those branches led.

Wooly Travels: New Lanark

New Lanark was built in the late 18th century by David Dale, who build a cotton mill and housing for the workers needed to run it.

Listen Up: The Yarn Podcast

It’s a Wovember Saturday, so it’s another day to recommend something woolly for your listening pleasure.

Funday Friday: Wooly Advice

Today’s Funday Friday memes have to do with wooly wisdom or fashion advice. Remember, you are welcome to share these around your social media accounts to help increase the dialogue about wool!

The Woolen Home: Bedding

Among the myriad bedding options, wool bedding emerges as a natural, cozy choice, offering an array of benefits tailored to diverse sleep needs and preferences.

The Woolen Home

Wool is a perfect fiber to incorporate into your home. Not only is it naturally fire resistant, immediately making your home a safer place to be, but it can break down pollutants in the area, muffle loud noises, reduce energy costs, and more.

Sheila Hicks: Textile Artist

Sheila Hicks’ prolific career spans over half a century, marked by an insatiable passion for exploring the artistic potential of fiber, thread, and textile.

Wool in Craft: Macramé

Making the switch to wool for macramé is easier than ever, with several manufacturers offering wool roving and cord marketed specifically for the craft.