A Wool-wind Adventure in Manhattan

The world used to revolve around wool. Days were filled with spinning and weaving and knitting and caring for sheep. Bodies and homes were dressed with wool. Roadways were established where communities drove their sheep to market. Riversides were lined with mills to clean, spin, and process wool.  There are parts of the world where […]

Why are wool products so expensive?

Business Insider creates YouTube videos spotlighting different companies, manufacturers, and makers that allow the rest of the world a peek behind the curtain. Many of these videos relate to wool and wool crafts. They may focus on a heritage craft, spell out why certain wool items cost what they do, or just give us a […]

Love Wovember Prizes

Your participation in Wovember is crucial! If the event was just about you coming to the website daily to read about wool and comment here, then our scope would be so limited! I mean, let’s face it, most of the people who hear about Wovember are people who are already using wool, or who are […]

Posting Prompts for Love Wovember 2022

Love Wovember Prompts. 1. Gather 2. Sheep 3. Breed 4. Herd 5. Lamb 6. Guard 7. Shear 8. Heritage 9. Community 10. Nourish 11. Delicate 12. Robust 13. Natural 14. Protect 15. Staple16. Spin 17. Yarn 18. Color 19. Craft 20. Ornament 21. Luxury 22. Practical 23. Fabric 24. Home 25. Body 26. Hands 27. Head 28. Authentic 29. Time 30. Wonder

The prompts are now live on Instagram for Love Wovember! Each day of November, make a post to your Instagram feed using the daily prompt as a guide. Use the hashtags #LoveWovember and #Wovember within your post or at the end of the post’s text so that we can find your posts for eligibility to win […]

Wovember Returns November 1

Wovember is a month-long celebration of wool. While we have nothing against other natural fibers, Wovember is specifically intended to celebrate the fibers grown by sheep. Wool used to be one of the most commonly worn fibers in the world. It keeps you warm when you’re cold. When it’s processed into a thin cloth, it […]