Alexandra Kehayoglou: Textile Artist

In the world of textile artistry, few capture the essence of nature’s beauty and the tactile allure of wool as magnificently as Alexandra Kehayoglou. Renowned for her mesmerizing textile landscapes, Kehayoglou’s artistry transcends traditional boundaries, weaving together nature, craft, and sustainability. Her creations are an ode to the splendor of wool.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Alexandra Kehayoglou comes from a family with a heritage of working in carpet production. Her practice is an embodiment of the traditional craft, yet it takes a transformative leap into contemporary art.

At the core of Kehayoglou’s artistry is wool. Her choice of wool as a primary medium is not only an artistic preference but also a deliberate step towards advocating for the preservation of nature. She often uses discarded yarn and remnants from her family’s carpet factory, thus turning what might be considered waste into intricate, stunning pieces of art. Through her creations, she underlines the importance of repurposing and upcycling, creating a dialogue about responsible consumption in the world of art and beyond.

With a remarkable ability to blend colors and textures, she crafts intricate tapestries that vividly mirror the landscapes and ecosystems she has encountered in her life. Each of her artworks serves as a poetic narrative, capturing the essence of places she has visited, experienced, or dreamed of.

The depth of Alexandra Kehayoglou’s art goes beyond aesthetics. Her rugs and tapestries stand as a testament to her concerns about environmental degradation, urging viewers to contemplate the impact of human actions on the planet. Each piece is a call to action, a reminder of the beauty that surrounds us and the urgency to protect it.

Her journey as an artist has been nothing short of inspirational. From her first forays into experimenting with fibers to the international recognition and acclaim she now enjoys, Kehayoglou’s work has found its way into prestigious galleries and private collections worldwide.

Hear the artist speak about her work in the video below:

Alexandra Kehayoglou’s work is currently part of the A soft place to land exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Contemporary Art until December 31, 2023. For opportunities to view her work in the future, please visit and follow her work on Instagram.