Love Wovember

About Love Wovember

Wovember is a month-long celebration of wool, the fiber grown by sheep. It began as the brain child of Felicity Ford and Louise Scollay, who recognized the importance of telling the story of wool and those who grow and process it. 

They ran Wovember as a blogging event from 2011 to 2017, and their website,, became an incredible resource. Blog posts include vintage video, personal essays, and scientific information about wool. After the 2017 event, the original Wovemberists invited others to take Wovember forward in their own way. 

Since 2018, Wovember has mainly been observed as an Instagram posting event. Participants are invited to use a list of 30 prompts to create a post each day of November about wool. Each year, their efforts spread the word about the unique qualities of sheep wool and the positive economic, social, and environmental effects of its use.

The Instagram posting event has done much to encourage people to choose wool for clothing and household uses. But Instagram is not suited to longer-form posting, nor does it allow for easy search functionality. In 2022, was launched by Anne Frost, knitting podcaster and wool enthusiast. The new website will serve as an ongoing depository for wool knowledge with contributions from members of the wooly world. Additionally, a new marketplace will live on the site to make it easier for people to find wool products throughout the year.